The Smale-De Rijk family consists of Colin (i.e. Dad), Petra (a.k.a. Mum), Lisa (Small Person, SP1) and Tim (SP2). If you really want to see what we look like there are some photos in the Photo Album.

Colin is still pretty much interested in computers. Professionally and privately you'll always find him with a computer within reach. Except when "Thunderbirds are Go" Colin will call Lisa and they'll both watch it. Every Saturday they do the weekend shopping and come back with that and several other items. His cooking is also a weekly event, and most of the time enjoyable as well. Due to two small persons there won't be any skiing in the new year which is a shame, but as soon as Tim is big enough to ski, we'll be back in the mountains. Back to top

Petra traded in her job to be a mother and is occupied with this profession 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She's pretty knackered at the moment but better times will come. Back to top

Lisa was born in the Overvecht hospital, Utrecht on 26th May 1997, which makes her 3½ as I write this. She's currently attending a crèche two days a week where she plays with her little friends, of whom Maura is her favourite at the moment. She really enjoys it although when the boys are getting too rough she'll retreat to the safety of the sofa. We have just decided which school Lisa will be going to when she's four. She is already looking forward to it as some of her friends already go there.

Last week we had our traditional Sinterklaas celebration. Zwarte Piet (who is one of Sinterklaas' helpers, played in this case by our neighbour) was so kind as to ring the doorbell, bang on our window and run away, leaving a pile of presents for the kids on our doorstep. Lisa was a bit scared when she heard it all. But together with her mummy she had a look in the hallway and was very pleasantly surprised when she discovered all the presents. She really enjoyed Sinterklaas. Especially after all the special treats which come with the celebration. It is not a one day thing, but it continues for about two weeks. At night Sinterklaas visits your house and puts a small present in your shoe, only if you've put it there for the occasion and if you've been good. So this had to be done a few times. And if you're lucky mummy's or daddy's employer will also organize something. So Lisa and Colin went to see Sinterklaas in a theatre in Bussum. First there was a show with one of the Sesame Street people followed by a performance by Sinterklaas and after all that the kids would get their present. Lisa got a nice talking clock and she's very impressed by it. All in all she had a very nice day.  So now Sinterklaas has returned to Spain (were he lives) we have to wait for Father Christmas. All that with one month.

Sept. 2001:  Lisa now goes to school full time so Petra gets a bit of a rest. So far so good, she seems to be really enjoying it. This week she goes on her first school trip! Back to top

Now our little Timothy Smale (or Tim as we call him.) He was born at home early on 28th August 2000.  Tim is a healthy little chap. At his last visit to the health clinic, at 3½ months, he weighed 6610 grams (14lbs 9oz) and was 64 cm (2'2") long. He smiles and giggles a lot but doesn't really like the evenings and cries a bit. (Ok, I lied. He cries a lot.) 

Sept. 2001:  He just starting to walk now - his record is 5 unaided steps - but he isn't talking (intelligibly) just yet. We'll inform you when that happens. He's sleeping much better now and the whole neighbourhood is very grateful.

Tim has an enormous burden to bear, as Crown Prince of the Smale Dynasty. His arrival has guaranteed the continuation of the clan for at least one more generation. The world would have been a poorer place if it were to fizzle out. Back to top