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MT2OFX is freeware. I would like to ask two things:

  1. Please pass on the URL of this site to others, not the program itself (I need the hits!);
  2. Would you let me know by email that you are using it and what you think about it? Please state which bank, which OS and financial software you are using.

If you are happy with the program and would like to show your appreciation, an optional donation via PayPal (credit cards accepted) would be most welcome!


The latest released version (V3.5.37, 13 January 2010), with QIF/OFC/OFX input, Payee Mapping, CSV and text input and OFC/OFX/QIF output, can be downloaded here.

If needed, the VB Runtimes can be downloaded from Microsoft here.

The Help file is included in the main download, but can also be found here.

Download Beta

If you would like to try the next version (V3.5.37) click on the button below:

Download Beta

Full information on this new version can be found here.