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MT2OFX Frequently Asked Questions

  • MT2OFX cannot convert my transaction file

It could be that you are trying to convert a file which does not contain information in MT940 format or a text format which the program has been configured to recognise. Versions earlier than Version 3 can only work with MT940 files.

  • MT2OFX complains that an OCX file cannot be found

The scripting facilities in MT2OFX use the VBScript Microsoft scripting components which are included with Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you have an older version of IE, possibly because you prefer to use an alternative browser, you can download the scripting engine separately from Microsoft. If the message refers to 'msscript.ocx', you are missing the Microsoft Script Control, also available from Microsoft.

  • My transaction amounts 100 times too high

If you are using QIF as an intermediate format, try changing the QIF decimal separator in the Options dialog.

  • I have another question

Check out the more extensive FAQs on the forums or send an email to: info@mt2ofx.tk or mt2ofx@xs4all.nl .