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News: Version 3.5 released (09 May 2009)

More information about the features of version 3.5 can be found here and on the forums. Download the new version.

What is MT2OFX?

MT2OFX is a freeware program to link downloaded banking transactions (in MT940, CSV, QIF, OFC, OFX or other non-binary format) to  Microsoft Money or other programs which can work with the QIF, OFC and OFX formats. By means of the complete scripting environment to allow the conversion to be adapted entirely to your preferences.

Which banks does MT2OFX work with?

A complete list of the banks covered by the included scripts can be found here.

It is relatively easy to implement a new bank. This process is described in the help file, but if you would like some help configuring MT2OFX for your bank, drop me a line and I will do what I can to assist.

Which software does MT2OFX work with?

Microsoft Money (also: UK version and probably all other versions as well)

Older versions of Microsoft Money (including the last versions in various languages which can still be found without too much trouble!) use the OFC format; newer versions also support OFX. Some additional help is available here.


Versions of Quicken up to 2004 support importing QIF files, but Intuit has removed this capability from the 2005 version for most account types and from 2006 for all account types. QFX (OFX with a Quicken flavour) can be imported under certain circumstances (more info on the forums).

Acemoney (incl. Lite version)

This shareware product is available in several languages. The Lite version is free!


Open source program. GnuCash runs on Mac OSX, GNU/Linux, *BSD, and the traditional Unixes: Solaris, AIX, and others.


This new Finance Manager is available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.


The program is supplied in a self-installing EXE-file. Simply run the file to install the program.